guest house , 2016
Area: 120 sq. m
Location: Kyiv region, Ukraine
The guest house is designed to receive guests and relax families near the Bassin in summer. Light color scandinavia disposes for communication in the winter near the fireplace, and fun in the summer in the relaxation area.
The kitchen, dining room and living room are combined in one open space with a solid window along the wall. Here comes the sun and beautiful view at any season.


The interior was inspired by the era of 20 years in the style of art deco. The black and white strip sets a clear rhythm, the ocher-mustard ceiling envelops the room. Viennese chairs, velvet blue sofas, brass in the decoration of the bar and suspensions, all this recreates the spirit of aristocracy.
In the restroom a little foolishness...
Painting Olga Matiushko, Ukraine

Apartments, 2019

Area: 125 sq. M.
Kiev, Ukraine

The central part of the apartment was designed as an open space of the kitchen-living room with panoramic windows located in the heart (center) of the apartment. In the design of the space, the method of working with monolithic volumes of planes was used. The texture of marble, veneer and color have become key composite volumes. Starting from the floor in the kitchen area, the texture of marble continues on the table, allowing the veneer to be an excellent backdrop for the first violin of this orchestra, the color in the living room. The master’s bathroom is also decorated with marble, on which a graceful washbasin cabinet of delicate menthol color looks great. On the contrary, the bedroom is created in soothing beige tones that are pleasant to the eye, with a lot of nuances in the taps. For convenience, smart glass in the partition was used. Wall panels and cabinets in the kitchen and transit areas are made of the same type of veneer, which allows blurring the contours between the walls and doors.